TOMS Shoes Wedding Collection & Help a Child in Need

TOMS was started in 2006 by a American traveler Blake Mycoskie. While traveling in Argentia realized children didn’t have shoes, wanted to help he created TOMS. For every purchase that you make from TOMS another pair of shoes is made and given to a child in need.

So I am sure you are thinking how in the world does children’s shoes have anything to do with your wedding. Well it could possibly mean a lot to another child somewhere without anything on their feet. TOMS recently released a New Wedding Collection. They are definitely comfortable enough to wear to down the aisle, perfect for dancing or even a perfect fit for when any of the ladies are wanting to take off those heels you have had on all day.

They even have everyone in the bridal party covered.

A personal favorite of ours for the Bride.

I know that we are all trying to help out in any way that we can so why not make a pair of TOMS part of your special day. Also TOMS has created a wonderful campaign that is taking place today…

Today is TOMS One Day Without Shoes. It is day where people walk around barefoot to heighten the awareness of TOMS shoes and to try and have people realize what is like to live without shoes.

Being a part of something that is helping others is always great! So if you want you can join in not wearing any shoes today or you can order a sparkly pair for you on your special day!

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