Helpful Tips: “Escort Card” Ideas

Escort cards are used to inform your guests of their assigned table at the reception. Instead of a traditional tented card, or an envelope with the name and a card inside with the table #, you can incorporate unique, creative, personalized or fun ideas for your guests seating assignments.

Photo by The Special Day

Our Groom, Art, as is part of his name, is a talented artist – in drawing, graphic design, web design (he is also our website creator) and so much more. For his wedding, he created a display made from legos – with the lego character holding the sign with the guest’s name & assigned table #. He even used some lego characters that exemplified the guests. In my case, since I was a guest at the wedding, he gave me a police woman lego.

Photo by Victor Sizemore

For the Walt Disney Concert Hall wedding of my sister & brother-in-law, Rosanne & Frank, we came up with the idea to design the escort card seating like an orchestra, with each guest’s name on a chair, while the Bride & Groom were the music conductors.

Photo by Aaron Delesie

The Bride & Groom, Annie & Kenny are big fans of movies and one way we personalized their wedding was to incorporate vintage style movie tickets as the escort card. (The tickets were designed by Ly Nguyen Design) Each table was named after one of their favorite movies (which included recent movies, not just classics). But we kept to a vintage look for the tickets to match their classic, elegant affair – they were like Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire!

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