The Special Day’s Biggest Fans || Jane & Frank || The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel

photo by Christine Farah

As we have shared with you before The Special Day’s Biggest Fans are posts of real testimonials from our real clients. We want to bring you true and honest perspectives through their eyes… the couple, the bride, the groom, the family, the bridal party, the guest.. really, it can be anyone that considers themselves our biggest fans.

Thank you Jane and Frank for being our guest blogger and for being one of The Special Day’s biggest fans.

1. How did you find out about The Special Day? Through friends.
2. Did you already know the value of having a wedding planner prior to hiring one or you were somewhat skeptical? What changed your mind? Yes, we knew the value of having a wedding planner prior to hiring one.
3. What do you believe is the main purpose for hiring a wedding planner? Creating an amazing experience and organizing the event. Creating a vision was a hugely added bonus.
4. What did you learn most about the planning process? Never too early to start, and always plan ahead.
5. What exceeded your expectations? Everything came together beautifully.
6. What was the most valuable piece of advice? Work with a planner who has great style, and also really understands the couple. We did.
7. What was the best memory you had? Our first look together, and our first look at the reception room.
8. What was the toughest decision you had to make? The guest list.
9. What was one of your main concerns and how did The Special Day help you through it? Creating a vision and color scheme. Carolyn understood exactly what we wanted and made it even better.
10. After the entire planning process, how did you feel after your event? Everything was perfect.
11. Did your vision of the event come out to what you expected it to be? Yes, it exceeded our expectations.
12. Do you have any suggestions for improving our services? Nope – it was spot on.
13. Were you satisfied with the team of The Special Day’s service? Yes, greatly.
14. Did we satisfy your needs and visions? Yes!
15. What was most important to you in the planning process? That we stayed within budget.
16. What did The Special Day help you with most? Executing the event. We couldn’t have planned our wedding without Carolyn.
17. What stood out about The Special Day from others? Style, attention to detail, experience.
18. What did you want or need most when you came to The Special Day? Organization and consultation.
19. Throughout the entire planning process, did you encounter any problems? Only with the guest list.
20. Was attending meetings and appointments with you beneficial? Yes, absolutely.
21. What are your overall feelings about the event? It was perfect. It was our dream wedding.
22. What part of the planning process was most enjoyable for you? Tasting menu ☺, floral appointment and seeing our amazing mood board.
23. Why would you recommend The Special Day to others? They know how to create an amazing, unique event.
24. If you were to list 5 reasons why to hire The Special Day over other competitors, what would they be?
Experience, style, professionalism, highly organized, honest.

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