The Special Day’s Biggest Fans || Shanel & David || Pala Mesa Resort Wedding

Photo by Jan Garcia

As we have shared with you before The Special Day’s Biggest Fans are posts of real testimonials from our real clients. We want to bring you true and honest perspectives through their eyes… the couple, the bride, the groom, the family, the bridal party, the guest.. really, it can be anyone that considers themselves our biggest fans. Thank you Shanel & David for being our guest blogger and for being one of The Special Day’s biggest fans!

1. How did you find out about The Special Day? I found out about the Special Day by an ad in a wedding magazine.

2. Did you already know the value of having a wedding planner prior to hiring one or you were somewhat skeptical? What changed your mind? Well my Aunt actually told me from the beginning that I needed a wedding planner.  I told her that I didn’t need one, it’s a cost that I felt wasn’t needed and that I could plan it myself, of course with the help of my mom and some friends.  And in addition David and I initially wanted a destination wedding.  I always thought wedding planners were really expensive and that their services were required for really big extravagant weddings.  Once David and I agreed against the destination wedding, it didn’t take long for me to realize that maybe my aunt was right…maybe I do need a wedding planner.  Being that the destination wedding was a no go, the challenge of finding a location is what fueled me to find a wedding planner.  I tried it by myself, but of course the places that I really liked, were way out of my budget.  It got to the point where my mom was like “Shanel, do you want a wedding or a house?” I always knew the right place existed but I just needed help finding it.

3. What do you believe is the main purpose for hiring a wedding planner? Well before I actually hired a wedding planner I was naive and thought that the main purpose of a wedding planner was to “plan” your whole wedding, literally. I didn’t want someone doing everything, I wanted some part in my wedding.  But now that I have had a wedding planner I know that they “help” you plan your wedding, they “help” you pick vendors that you are in your budget.  They “help” you stay calm throughout the whole planning process.  They also take care of everything the day of the wedding.  Leaving the bride stress free!!

4. What did you learn most about the planning process? I learned that the planning process is very tedious and can be overwhelming if you do not have a wedding planner.  As a “non” wedding planner and a first time bride I didn’t have the experience and knowledge of what it takes to have an amazing, successful wedding.  I know what I envisioned my wedding to be like but, the question is, is it realistic?  A wedding planner helps your vision come to life but within your financial means.  With that being said having a budget is also something that I learned you must adhere to when planning a wedding.

5. What exceeded your expectations? To be honest the whole wedding!  But the reason why is because of Carolyn my wedding planner.

6. What was the most valuable piece of advice? Hmmm, I would say the most valuable piece of advice was to just enjoy the day because it goes by so fast.

7. What was the best memory you had?  Wow, I had a few.  The first was walking down the aisle and seeing all of my family and friends, it made me so happy.  The second was the cinema reale, watching the wedding day as a guest.  The third was seeing everyone dance and having a good time, the soul train line.  Being announced as Mr. & Mrs. David Malonson.  Getting ready with my bridal party, my sisters.  Seeing my mom’s reaction to me being all dolled up.  The whole day was such a great memory really.

8. What was the toughest decision you had to make?  Hmm the toughest decision??  I guess I would say deciding who I could and could not invite.  My budget would only allow so many people.  Believe me if I could I would have invited so many more people.

9. What was one of your main concerns and how did The Special Day help you through it? The main concern was the wedding location.  The Special Day helped me with that by helping look outside of the parameters that I set.  I had my mind set on having a beach location or close to the beach, but every place I picked was too expensive.

10. After the entire planning process, how did you feel after your event? I felt very confident that the Wedding was going to be AMAZING!!  And I must say it was.  Not to be obnoxious but I seriously still have family and friends that talk about our wedding.  And I promise you, my mom is quick to say how Carolyn helped made it so successful.

11. Did your vision of the event come out to what you expected it to be? Yes and then some.

12. Do you have any suggestions for improving our services? Nope, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.  The Special Day is great and I am not just saying that.

13. Were you satisfied with the team of The Special Day’s service? Oh yes, they had everything, were prepared for anything, and they were in stealth mode.  You never saw them in a good way.  Everything was handled in a discrete matter, they made sure that the attention was on the bride and the groom at all times. My wedding was in July so it was hot, they made sure we all had waters; my sisters zipper to her dress was stuck, they busted out a little sewing kit.  So good!!

14. Did we satisfy your needs and visions? Yes, yes, and yes!!!

15. What was most important to you in the planning process? Well…that’s kind of a hard question…um I just wanted to make sure that everything went smoothly.  I’m not one for drama, I think its unnecessary stress.

16. What did The Special Day help you with most? The Special Day helped me out with pretty much everything and that is what I liked about The Special Day.  I think the most important thing that you guys helped me out with is finding vendors that fit into my budget.  I would also say the words of wisdom if you will that Carolyn was giving me when it came to creating the budget.  She helped me decide where I should put most of money into versus what things I can skimp on, things that I do not really need.  I remember I told Carolyn that I did not need a videographer so we can put that money somewhere else and I remember her saying are you sure?  Because most people who do not end up getting a videographer regret it.

17. What stood out about The Special Day from others? Well, all I have to say is after I met The Special Day I didn’t interview any other Wedding Planners. They left much of a lasting impression on me.  After I met Carolyn and I read her reviews, after she showed me some of work, and most importantly how she was so organized and personable, I knew I was in good hands.

18. What did you want or need most when you came to The Special Day? I was looking for someone who could help me find a wedding location.  I was stumped, every place I picked was too expensive and I didn’t want to try and take care of other things until I found the wedding location.

19. Was attending meetings and appointments with you beneficial? I would say the initial meeting yes, especially since all of the vendors that I used were recommended by The Special Day.  It was good to have someone there who knows everything you can possibly know about weddings.  Knowing weddings inside and out is her job and she does it really well!!

20. What are your overall feelings about the event? I was very happy, blessed, and grateful how everything turned out.  My wedding was definitely a Special Day and The Special Day helped my enjoy the moment to its fullest.  Having a wedding planner allows you to actually enjoy your day, if there were any problems I didn’t know about it because it was The Specials Day job is to make sure I didn’t know about them.  Everything from what I was able to see ran smoothly and professionally, my mind was at a total ease.  Plus my mom put the seal of approval on how beautiful our wedding day was and that she couldn’t have imagined it any better.

21. What part of the planning process was most enjoyable for you? I don’t know if there is one particular part that I enjoyed more so then the others.  Wedding dress shopping definitely ranks up there though as favorite… cake tasting is another favorite.  Love my sweat treats!!  Working with the florists was pretty cool too.

22. Why would you recommend The Special Day to others? I would recommend the Special Day to others because without the Special Day my wedding day wouldn’t have been as memorable (in a good way).  I wouldn’t have been able to work with such amazing vendors.  Special Elements that I originally said I didn’t need that The Special Day suggested I rethink wouldn’t have happened.  Case in point my videographer who people still talk about to this day.  The Special Day provided a service that I honestly could not put a price tag on and I am not just saying that.  The Special Day didn’t treat me like a client they treated me like a friend.  Not only are they professional but they are personable and relatable.  Carolyn was on top of EVERYTHING, from the beginning to the end.  The Special Day helped me with my budget and helped me stick to it by not suggesting vendors who weren’t in price range.  The Special Day took control of the Wedding Day so myself, my husband, our bridal party, our guest could enjoy the wedding and not stress over anything.  The Special Day holds true to their name, because my wedding was truly a SPECIAL DAY, absolutely unforgettable.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything!!!

23. If you were to list 5 reasons why to hire The Special Day over other competitors, what would they be? Professional, reasonably priced, personable & relatable; they never made me feel like I was just another “job” they made me feel like a friend.  Attentive, whatever I needed they were there, if I had any questions they were there, if I had meeting with a vendor and I wanted them to accompany me, they were there.  The last reason is because they are absolutely AMAZING!

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