Flower Dogs & Ring Puppers

Your doggies are very important, and if you can include them in your special day, it is so great! Here are some considerations when incorporating your canine friends! :

Photo by Todd Johnson

  • Be sure to have a designated person who is not a part of the wedding party to take your dog for a walk and to take care of “business” prior to and after the wedding ceremony. Make sure this person is someone the dog already is comfortable with, due to the amount of people the dog is sure to be experiencing some anxiety.
  • Make sure that the location of your wedding is pet friendly. Many hotels are pet friendly but may require a pet deposit.
  • Be sure to have travel friendly food bowl and water bowl so that they can be moved to various spots at various times.

Photo by Todd Johnson

  • If you are planning on having the dog wear a particular article of clothing (bows, dress, bow tie) be sure that you practice them wearing this item around the house so that they become familiar with it so they aren’t trying to remove it on the wedding day.
  • Most important “TREATS”, to be sure they are on their best behavior. Also to reward them after all of their hard work.
  • Make dog essentials match the wedding decor. Take your themed flowers and add them to the leash that is walking the dog down the aisle.

Left: Photo by Ira Lippke, Right: Photo by Jules Bianchi

So as you are composing your list of who is in your wedding party let’s not forget those who are a part of your family and deserve to be a part of your special day.

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