The Special Day’s Biggest Fans|| Nancy & Ed || Pelican Hill Resort Wedding

As we have shared with you before The Special Day’s Biggest Fans are posts of real testimonials from our real clients. We want to bring you true and honest perspectives through their eyes… the couple, the bride, the groom, the family, the bridal party, the guest.. really, it can be anyone that considers themselves our biggest fans.

Thank you Nancy and Ed for being our guest blogger and for being one of The Special Day’s biggest fans.

Photo by Apertura

As soon as Ed and I got engaged, I had a ton of ideas of what I wanted our wedding to be like. After several weeks of attempting to put together a to-do list to help us get started, I quickly realized professional help was needed – even though I’ve put together countless social events for friends, family, and work, nothing compared to a wedding… a wedding was on a whole different level! Looking for a wedding planner became our first priority and we met with many different companies from Northern and Southern California – we were determined to find the perfect planner. Whether it was through a referral, wedding magazine, or website, we made an effort to meet with as many potential wedding planners as possible.

As soon as we met Carolyn from The Special Day, we knew we had a perfect fit. At our first meeting I remember thinking to myself that Carolyn’s attention to detail was unlike anything I’d ever seen, and her personality was so fun and outgoing. Both Ed and I were very comfortable speaking with her, and we immediately connected.

It was the best decision We’ve ever made. While many couples have a clear vision of what they’d like their wedding to be like, both Ed and I only had a rough idea of what we wanted to do. This wasn’t a problem for Carolyn and The Special Day staff however, after just a few meetings they put together several inspiration boards that incorporated everything we had discussed … and they even added a few of their own based on what they thought we’d like. From there the vision formed and became crystal clear – our dream wedding was created!

Remember that to-do list that I was trying to put together when I first got engaged? Carolyn and her staff took care of it in record time, and it was far more extensive than I could have imagined. This was not some simple template that anyone could grab off a wedding website or book, it was a customized and tailored list of items that were specific for my wedding and had years of experience behind it – and it showed.

The Special Day was also very accommodating throughout the whole process. Both Ed and I have very busy work schedules, and it’s difficult for us to pull ourselves away from our jobs. Carolyn and The Special Day staff were extremely flexible, and made sure appointments were booked together to maximize time blocks, and even made special arrangements to meet with vendors outside of normal business hours so Ed and I wouldn’t have to miss work. Any time we had a question, Carolyn and her staff was there with an answer.

Then there was the big day… and everything was flawless. On more than one occasion our families mentioned how Ed and I looked so stress free and happy on our wedding day. It was true, we didn’t have to worry about finding the wandering groomsmen. We didn’t have to worry about what time we needed to start our pictures or when we had to line up for the grand entrance. We didn’t have to worry about anything, because everything was taken care of. Ed and I were allowed to simply enjoy the moment… and that’s the whole point, right? =) Our perfect wedding would not have been possible without Carolyn and The Special Day. Thank you Carolyn!!

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