WE LOVE to help our couples make their wedding FUN & PERSONALIZED! So no doubt we had a great time helping Ella & Sam with their wedding day music video produced by Elysium Productions! Ella & Sam were just the right couple to knock it out of the park (sorry, not every couple can make a music video work because it’s really in the personalities, and so it’s also important the song isn’t cheesy, i.e. such as something like “Build Me Buttercup”) and of course with the talents of Elysium plus our collaboration, this video was quite a success!! A lot of preparation took place to make sure everyone was on board – sending WHAT NOT to do videos, practicing, rehearsal, making sure all the “takes” would be done properly within our timeline, and making sure the photo booth, the club lounge was all set in time for our video takes. It was quite the production and a major collaboration between all of us! The video hit over 200,000 views on Youtube before they removed it – from whatever stupid rules Youtube has! So here is our Vimeo video! The video was SUCH a hit, that even Gabriel and Vicky from Cobra Starship tweeted about the video! The wedding community loved it too, with LOTS of coverage by top blogs (see the links): Glamour Weddings, Smitten, Bridal Musings, and Wedding Bee . We were “trending” on Twitter the days the video came out, and it reached all over the world! ┬áThen Leila from Be Inspired PR specifically mentioned the wedding day music video on Huffington Post Weddings!

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