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Photo by Ira Lippke

A shuttle bus is just a great way to put you and your guests at ease. In the case of to and from the church. It is great because no one needs to worry about parking and we know that the wedding party is all accounted for. It is great way to transport everyone because there is a lot more room than their would be in a limo, especially for the dress!

For your out of town guests there is nothing is greater than them not having to drive to the wedding. We are all aware that when we are in a foreign location it is very easy for us to get lost. Since we are providing shuttle transportation we know that they can’t get lost and they also can enjoy their evening and even have a few.. or three drinks and know that they will arrive at their destination safely. It is a wonderful treat for all of your guests.

In some cases we have had many times where the wedding may have ended at the resort but everyone is ready for a after party. The shuttle transportation is also a great way to get everyone safely to the next destination.

Our transportation coordinator is there at your locations with indication that they are there for the transportation of your wedding.  In the case of transportation from the hotels they are there to ensure that each of one of guests are aware that we are there and guiding them to where they can board the shuttle. When they are transporting to and from the church we ensure that all of the people that are to be on the shuttle actually are.

Planning for transportation is important in the logistics for your wedding.

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