The Special Day’s Biggest Fans || Angel & Xiaopeng Li || Pelican Hill Wedding

The Special Day’s Biggest Fans will be posts of real testimonials from our real clients. We want to bring you true and honest perspectives through their eyes… the couple, the bride, the groom, the family, the bridal party, the guest.. really, it can be anyone that considers themselves our biggest fans.

Thank you Angel for being our guest blogger and for being one of The Special Day’s biggest fans.

I got engaged and had absolutely no idea how to plan a wedding and neither did my family. All I could do was imagine how I wanted that special day to be. In the beginning, my mom and I would go to bridal expos to get ideas and meet vendors but it was so difficult organizing what we needed or which vendors were good. I think I made myself more confused on what I wanted. I knew I NEEDED a wedding planner.

Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Coast was my dream venue and I no idea how to make that dream wedding happen. While at a bridal expo I met a DJ who overheard my concerns for having a wedding planner. He said to me that having a wedding planner is the best thing I could ever do to help myself. He asked what venue I was having my wedding at and I told him that it was my dream to have it at The Pelican Hill Resort. He then promptly took out his phone and gave me the number for Carolyn Chen, a wedding planner he recommended. A few weeks later I went to visit Pelican Hill with my family. I had a brief conversation with Pelican Hill’s wedding coordinator and she also highly recommended Carolyn Chen as a wonderful wedding planner. After two referrals, I had to check out who Carolyn Chen was.

I checked out her website, and made an appointment with her. I was nervous because even meeting with a wedding planner I had no idea what I was doing. Hiring Carolyn and working with the whole team at The Special Day was the best thing my husband and I did for our wedding. We LOVED her. There are so many details that can either make your wedding good or the most PHENOMENAL event your guests have ever been to and The Special Day really brought our wedding to that level.

My biggest concern was being so stressed out about the wedding. Carolyn made the planning fun. Our entire planning process was so smooth. Organization was incredible, scheduling was always right on schedule, and she managed our budget for us.  She introduced us to all the right vendors because she knew what we were looking for. She understood our style and delivered it for us.

Carolyn and The Special Day team made our dream wedding become a reality. I look at my wedding photos now and still cannot believe that was my wedding. It was beyond beautiful and exceeded our expectations. Before having the planner I couldn’t envision what our wedding was going to be like and how we were going to pull it off. It was the happiest days of our lives and it was the best celebration of love I could ever imagine. We had a FABULOUS wedding because of The Special Day. Everyone at our wedding wanted to know who planned our event. I can’t help but smile when I think back on our wedding day memories. It was…perfect and all of that credit goes to the lovely Carolyn Chen.

The best thing we did for our wedding is have The Special Day help plan our celebration. I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat”

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