Angel & Xiaopeng’s Pelican Hill Wedding|| Rock n’ Roll Same Day Edit || Featured on Style Me Pretty

When Elysium debut their first Rock n’ Rock Same Day Edit on their blog – I could not stop watching the video over & over again. I knew I had to get one of my fun couples to do this! So Julie at Elysium and I asked Angel & XP if they would want to make a Rock n’ Roll Same Day Edit, they were totally on board (also because they had been Elysium blog stalking, and saw the same video =) ) .

After discussing and listening to LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of songs… it was Angel & XP who proposed to use “Just Haven’t Met You Yet” by Michael Buble. I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t on board at first because I thought the song tempo might be a little slow, but as you can see from watching the video, the cheery feel of the song was PERFECT for them, and how everything came together on the day of the wedding as we were doing the takes (the video was shot with 5 takes, that were plugged carefully into our timeline!). What made it so fun was that everyone got into it – dancing, singing, clapping! I remember XP saying he was really nervous about performing the song, and all I had to say was… “You have performed in front of MILLIONS of people at the Olympics with all eyes focused on you, and media galore – you’ll do fine!” Which speaking of, we told XP he just HAS to do some flips and show off some of his gymnastic tricks!

This video was first played at Angel & XP’s wedding at Pelican Hill, then half way around the globe at their Beijing reception, then it made it’s public debut on STYLE ME PRETTY!! which we were so honored that Abby took such a liking to it =). Thanks to all the fabulous people that made this wedding for Angel & XP: The Pelican Hill team, Julie and the Elysium Productions team, Victor Sizemore Photography, Nisie’s Enchanted Florist, Joyce Luck Style, Honored Occasions, Wildflower Linens, Paper Girl.

View the feature here:

See more gorgeous images by Victor:

I also have a cameo at the end of the video.. enjoy!

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  1. We’re awesome. and you guys are awesome :)